In the beginning : an artist and nature.

His continual and intense relationship with nature has taught him to be “natural” wich canvas. There is not doubt that this power makes Michel Jouenne a charismatic figure of primordial importance. A true witness of our times Michel Jouenne sings to nature. At the risk of annoying those who consider this outdates, old-fashioned and irresonsible, it seems that this commitment is as the heart of the wold today.

What is the clear, consistent message Michel Jouenne’s work give everyone on the planet  ” I am not a camera. I can not coldly reproduce’s nature show. I interpred what is visible according to my character,  my personnality and the intensity of my emotion. Ifa few trees are in the way, I leave them out, if I need a mountain I put one in if there is a color in the landscape that does not armonize with the rest of the painting. I change it.

A family will

This art gallery was born from the desire to create a place for artistic and human exchanges. The passion for art of the painter Michel Jouenne and the will of his family made it possible to offer after 4 years of preparation this exhibition space to artists, audiences, collectors … A fabulous project animated by the deep desire for share knowledge, ideas, experiences, in a cooperative spirit, but also by the desire to promote art and create a dynamic around meetings and exhibitions. This one-of-a-kind place offers everyone an escape into the world of each artist. The dream dominates, the spirit escapes. Bring art to life and discover it by offering a place of artistic emulation with events that stand out for their aesthetics, quality and the messages they convey.

Promotion of art

The gallery covers 800 square meters where particular attention has been paid to every detail: lighting, exhibition material, comfort … The gallery promotes the works of the painter Michel Jouenne but also the various artists it supports. It is within its different spaces that it promotes them, supports them and ensures them visibility in the art world but also in everyone’s daily life. If figurative painting takes precedence in the development of the gallery, it also endeavors to support emerging artists with different currents and very varied media: painting, photography, drawing, design, sculpture, installation …