A family history

The Michel Jouenne Foundation in Marseille replaces the old Jouenne Museum in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence. It tends to make even more accessible 70 years of creation, where Provence occupies a major place. With the artist’s son Christian Jouenne (Marseille promoter) at the head of the project, the family designs this atypical place.
Work, accommodation, art and contemplation come together over an area of ​​2000 m2. Far from being a neutral place, Espace Jouenne also tells about a family adventure. The thirteen apartments and five office floors were created with the aim of bringing the structure to life, a configuration that is rare today.
Christian Jouenne is full of anecdotes about moments spent with his father Michel. A father who stops almost in the middle of the road to set up his easel, a family who leaves in a car covered with Sandoz and learns at the last moment that the destination is… the Saharan desert. Not to mention the need for models: “I was sixteen, he wanted to paint lovers at the Tuileries, he asked me to bring in a friend to kiss him and serve as a model … I was too happy”.

The Jouenne Museum: A place dedicated to “A painting of wind and sun, water and minerals, with both hands, with the heart”

The Jouenne Museum occupies more than 400m2 on the ground floor of 41 rue Montgrand. It includes an atrium, to favor exposure to natural light, and a basement where videos show the painter in action. The Museum has a collection of 500 canvas by the painter Michel Jouenne which will be exhibited in rotation. Mostly paintings, but also bronzes and resin works. The space open to the public also includes a winter garden protected by a glass roof, an intimate library of works of art, as well as a shop dedicated to souvenirs and merchandise.